2 Completely Free Music Players For Windows

Since I write only about free applications, today I am going to post about 2 completely free Music Players for Windows. While there is always Winamp & Windows Media Player with us, there are other great free music players as well that sometimes even out-perform their rivals. Below are 2 such music players for Windows computers. Both are completely free & are fully functional.

MusicBee : – Written by Steven Mayall.

MusicBee Music Player

This is by-far the best free Music Player for me. There is a striking similarity with iTunes in terms of its interface. The best feature of MusicBee is its Tagging capabilities. You can retrieve lyrics & artwork easily. You can also identify the song & tag it using song’s sonic signature. It also offers tons of customization. You can tweak it as much as you can, but of-course not as much as you can do with Winamp or Foobar! But then, its a rock solid music player that helps you listen to your music collection in a nice way.

MusicBee looks good, has a decent Equalizer & has excellent Tagging functionality. You can also download Visualisation plugins for it.

It may not be VERY VERY GOOD. But for a free player, its THE BEST. You can’t ask for more from the developer here. The features provided rival the paid piece of software. Its that good.

Clementine Music Player : – By David Sansome, John Maguire and Arnaud Bienner.

Clementine Music Player

While its interface takes some time getting used to, Clementine is yet another amazing free Music Player. Its light-weight, customizable & robust. Yes, interface is slightly different if you are used to iTunes but still you can customize it to your liking. It includes Milkdrop visualizations & it does look nice! The best feature is the Clementine Remote that you can install on your Android device & control your music from there. Clementine also lets you download cover-art from internet. MusicBee excels in this department, though!
PS. My intention is just to promote the good work by the developers. I am in no way, affiliated with any of them.
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