500 mn Android WhatsApp users get free voice calling

Whatsapp has finally rolled out its voice calling services for more than 500 million of its users on Android devices.
Till recently, some of the What app users were using the voice calling functionality but that was by invite only. As a result of this development whatsApp users can now call their contacts worldwide for free over a WiFi or mobile internet connection.
To use voice calling feature one simply needs to click on the contact, to whom one wants to call, in the WhatsApp  address book and then press call button which is located on the top right of the display screen.

Also, if the person you are calling misses your call they will get a missed call alert.
If on pressing call button you are not able to make a WhatsApp  to WhatsApp  call and the call is getting routed through the telco network,
Just head towards play store and update your apps. Also, now one can expect some fireworks from other app players who offer voice service like  with the kind of user base that WhatsApp  enjoys.
 VoIP arena is going to heat up. The only solace that other players have is that apart from voice calling they also offer video calling which WhatsApp  as of now is not providing.
In a recent development, Whatsapp had also announced a web client of its instant messaging application which also goes by the same name.
With this, Whatsapp is now available for PCs as well. Currently, it is available for all mobile platforms like Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Symbian, Nokia S60 and BlackBerry

Note that the web version is not an independent one, rather it is an extension of the WhatsApp that is installed on your phone. This means that it will mirror your phone’s Whatsapp account; something like a cloud storage.
So if you have any conversation on your phone’s Whatsapp, it will reflect in your Whatsapp web client on PC as well.
A part from this development, WhatsApp already supports recording of voice messages which can to send to contacts.

Whatsapp app is download in playstore in easly and enjoy a many feature of whatsapp ….


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