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This Post is for all the Visualizations Enthusiasts. I personally feel that it’s much easier to concentrate on Songs while watching Visualizations. They really help us analyze Beats, Thumps & all the modulations present in songs. So in this Post I’ll tell you about various Visualizations available for Winamp. I’ll be commenting on their Hots & Nots!

1. Milkdrop: By Ryan Geiss. The Best Visualization I’ve come across. Started originally by Ryan Geiss, a Genius Software Engineer & Graphics programmer from Ohio, USA in late 90’s. But because of its customizability many Professional Visual creators create their own Presets & contribute to Milkdrop. So Milkdrop contains presets from Ryan Geiss himself along with other creators like Rovastar, Aderrasi, Zylot & others.

Milk Drop

Eye Candy:-
1. Milkdrop 2 comes bundled with Winamp ver 5.50 onwards. Milkdrop 1 comes with older versions of Winamp.
2. More than 300 cool presets, so a lot of stuff is available for your eyes!
3. The most beautiful Visualization I have ever seen.
4. Great speed even in Fullscreen & Desktop mode.
5. Customizable presets. You can create your own & publish them to its website.
6. No need to register or pay usage fee.
7. Excellent beat response & FPS. Doesn’t look choppy while changing from one preset to other.
8. Doesn’t demand a very powerful machine. My ordinary P-IV 2.4 GHz & 256 MB RAM machine runs Milkdrop beautifully without any screen distortions.
9. Loads instantly & doesn’t scan it’s folder for presets every time it runs.
10. Doesn’t depend much on your 3-D Card!

Eye Sore:-
1. Very difficult to customize though. If compared to AVS, it doesn’t stand any where close to AVS (which is very easy for creating new presets).
2. It’s website looks very ordinary & unimpressive.

2. Rave 2001: By Chris Egerter. Next on my list is Rave. It’s a very cool & beautiful Visualization although not as rich as Milkdrop. But it’s very nice & lightweight Visualization for your eyes.

Eye Candy:-
1. Light weight. Both Download size & Hard drive consumption are very little.
2. Beautiful 3-D Visuals & Lightning effects. A treat for eyes. Look out for the moving 3-D rings.
3. Very fast running in Fullscreen mode. No Choppiness or distortions on screen.
4. Customizable Text which appears at suitable time during watching Rave.
5. Very fast Beat response to your Rock music.

Eye Sore:-
1. Not a Freeware. You have to register to unlock all it’s available features.
2. Not very customizable except the Text.
3. Takes a second or two to load & show beat response.

3. R2: By Gordon Williams. Although there is an updated version of R2 called R4 but I’ll place R2 above R4 since former is lightweight & fast while latter is bulky & slow. The difference will be mentioned below.

Eye Candy:-
1. Very small download size of about 450 KB’s. R4 is 4.31 MB’s
2. Free for use. R4 is not free & shows a message about this
3. Very cool & eye soothing Metaballs, Cube Snakes & Point Morphs.
4. Very neat & tidy. Doesn’t clutter your screen with images. Hence it’s very fast in Fullscreen mode. R4 is slow as some presets run at 5 FPS on my machine! It also loads very slow until it scans disk for all the textures & presets.
5. Excellent Beat response for both Rocking & Soft songs. R4 doesn’t appear to respond many times though some light presets run terrifically fast!
6. Doesn’t require a powerful machine. Even 1.5 GHz & 128 MB machine will run it quite well.

Eye Sore:-
1. Lack of customizability.
2. Only a few presets are available although R4 offers more than 400 presets.
3. A lot of difference between 2 successive versions. R4 requires you to have a very powerful configuration.

4. G-Force: By Andy O’Meara. This particular Visualization is available for numerous players like Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Jukebox, etc. I have not used it with Winamp although I downloaded it’s iTunes version which causes iTunes to crash after some time. I recommend you to try this on Winamp. Actually iTunes built-in Visualizations are based on G-Force! They have asked Andy for this. So if you use iTunes & have watched it’s Visualization then you must try the original version. It’s a very nice & funky collection of presets.


Eye Candy:-
1. Very Eye-Popping Visualizations. Some innovative & yummy presets are there to please your eyes.
2. Plenty of presets so you will not see the same preset again. Although you can assign a key or combinations to invoke particular presets if you want to see those again.
3. Good beat response & Fullscreen speed.
4. Available for various players as mentioned above.
5. Customizable presets for creating & publishing your own.
6. Take screen shots of favourite preset but only in registered version.
7. Also acts as a standalone Visualization. You can see it respond when you clap your hands close to Microphone!

Eye Sore:-
1. Not free. You’ll have to register to unlock all the features. ($10 for it’s Gold License but it’s worth it).
2. May crash the particular application unless you have a very powerful machine. (3.0 GHz & 512 MB’s or above).
3. Some presets are slow to run & sometimes transition between 2 presets is no smooth.
4. May get competition from iTunes built-in Visualization since latter are more robust & never cause iTunes to crash.

5. Space: By Pascal Dallongevillep. I have used version 0.9 & is the most spooky Visualization I have come across. This is a very neat, clean & beautiful Visualization and is available for Jetaudio as well.

Eye Candy:-
1. Innovative watercolour like appearance. It looks very unconventional but is pretty cool.
2. Very small download size & Hard drive consumption.
3. Lots of presets to please & soothe your eyes.
4. Perhaps the only Visualization which doesn’t cause any strain in eyes. It’s very smooth.
5. Excellent Beat response & Fullscreen speed.
6. Hundreds of possible effects to refresh you.

Eye Sore:-
1. Only one that while hitting Esc key to close this, It causes black screen for a second. Also the similar effect while turning it on.

Other Notable Visualizations are:-
Geiss 2, iMusicSoft & Pixel Trip.
Pixel Trip is very special indeed & is a very rich, smooth, fast, beautiful & robust Visual for Winamp & Jetaudio. It’s special features are:
1. Unique Pixel Objects that move & dissolve & dance with Music.
2. Tremendous Fullscreen speed & Beat response.

Geiss 2
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