Block Annoying Ads Using Adblock Plus

Block ads using Adblock Plus

Continuing to post about free & useful stuff for your Windows PC & Android device, today I present one such utility that will relieve you of your headache while browsing the web.

We all have struggled with the annoying ads that pop up while we surf the net. It causes great headache & distracts a lot. It also slows down the page-load speed as these ads pop up new pages in the foreground or background. Needless to say most of these ads contain porn stuff & point to porn sites. So, today carrying the tradition of posting about free applications/utilities, I present Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus comes as an extension to Chrome & Firefox browsers. It blocks almost all sort of ANNOYING & UNNEEDED ads. Once installed, it will allow you to focus only on what you are surfing. You won’t need to worry about those worthless, annoying ads that spoil your browsing mood. Just install it & forget anything else popping up/down.

P.S – I am not affiliated with the developer of ABP. I am just promoting his good work. You may contribute to this project by clicking this link.

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