Enjoy Your Video Clips Using ‘Gom Player’

Gom Player
You might have experienced a problem that your good old Windows Media Player or Real Player or any other Player is not able to play some of your Video Clips. For example, videos shot from your Mobile Phones (.3GP) can’t be played by above said players. Windows Media Player tries to search internet for appropriate CODECs. But if you have no 24/7 internet connection, then how’ll you watch those videos? Even videos recorded by “TV Tuners” or videos with extension .AVI are not played by Windows Media Player & Others. If you use Quick Time, it has other limitations like Slow Loading, Choppy Video playback, difficult controls etc. You only get Audio while playing .AVI files in these Media players. There are many video formats that are not very well supported by these Players. So how are you going to watch a video which was shot at your friends Birthday party on your PC? You get only Audio but no any Video so how to enjoy those comic videos your friend sent to you? You recorded your favourite TV Show in DVD Quality or MPEG-2 Quality, but these players refuse to play them back on your PC. Ho will you watch these TV Shows easily?
There are 2 Applications for your relief. Since my Blog is concerned with Free Software, I will give you 2 Free Alternatives. 1st is VLC Player (Video Line Client Player) & 2nd is Gom Player.
VLC Player supports many audio & video formats but playback is choppy & videos run with distortions. Interface is also not very good. Though it offers powerful video filters & effects but video playback is not satisfactory. At least my 256 MB, 2.4 GHz machine couldn’t handle it well. One good thing is that it is Free & Open Source hence you don’t need to pay the license fee for using VLC Player.
Next much better option is to download & install Gom Player. Unlike VLC Player, its Source Code is not available (You don’t need to have either) for compilation. But it is 100% Free for personal use (non-profit). It handles all the major & minor video formats that are not played by media player Giants like Windows Media Player or Real Player. You can watch mobile phone video clips, .AVI clips, .MPG clips & even .DAT Videos. Gom Player has a great looking interface. It even supports Flash Files with .SWF extension! It’s fast to load & uses its own built-in CODECs to play files. So you don’t have to download & install special CODECs to play your favourite video clips. The outstanding feature of Gom Player is its Video Effects. You can sharpen the blurred videos to enhance the video appearance. You can apply high quality setting to poor quality videos. You can even smoothen the pixels of video to remove annoying pixelation in your video clips. It’s great for watching most types of Videos.
Some limitations are as follows: No Next & Previous buttons. No Frame by Frame seeking (backward & forward) of videos. No Fast Forward or Rewind buttons. I’m telling just the normal drawbacks which are meant for average users. These are based on the version Some problems might have been fixed in latest version. The latest version is (7.21 MB). It can be DOWNLOADED from HERE!
So I recommend Gom Player for everyone who wants to enjoy video clips for free. Great interface is the bonus for users.
By the Way, CODEC means: COmpressor-DECompressor or enCOder-DECoder! More about CODEC later. Till then EnZoY!
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