Family Link Tool – Announced By Google, New Parental Control Tool For Android

Up until now Google has never allowed kids that are under age of 13 to have a Google account, and everyone followed that rule and never lied about there age on the internet. Right? Well, kids its party time for you, now no one will call you lire with Googles all new tool called Family Link app. Family Link lets children’s under-13 to create a Google account with advanced parental controls options. The tool currently only available in US and it is only available on invite-only system.
You can easily set-up a Family Link account for your kid through the Family Link app, The same app will also be used to manage the account and monitor your kids device activity. The  one biggest drawback of the tool is that it’s only available for devices running on Nougat. Some main features of the tool are, screen time tracking, bedtime schedules, and app rating limits. 
Another downside of it is that its not free, When you first time setup an account on Family Link app you will be asked to pay $0.30. This isn’t a cheap strategy to grab cash by Google—the FTC requires to verify that you are the real parent of the kid and are old enough to have credit card (Quite cleaver, isn’t it?).
Family Link app is only for kids under the age of 13,  but even after that you will have the option to keep using Family Link if they like. However, as soon as the child gets 13, Google will give the birthday boy or girl the option to turn there restricted account into a regular Google account, That means their parents will no longer have any control over that account.
If you are a recedint of US and want to check out Family Link App, You will have to just request an invite from the landing page
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