Find/Search For Files/Folders On Your Computer Superfast Using “Everything”.

Everything – Your best assistant to find files on Windows

We all need to look for a particular file or folder on our computers on a regular basis. Windows 7/8  itself offers this facility that is known as Indexing (just press Windows key & type indexing ). But it is not quite efficient & fast. It needs more system resources & is not that fast. Today I present a free Windows application known as Everything. Once installed, Everything searches for the files/folders on your disk & returns you the results superfast. Its one of the applications that MUST be installed on every computer you use (see this link for more of such must-haves). It makes our lives much easy as it reduces the complication involved while looking for that exact file/folder that we need urgently. And all it does with minimum possible resources. 
Below are the key features of Everything. Download link is at the bottom.

  • 100% free application.
  • Installer size is <500 KB (insert exclamation sign!!)
  • Uses very little RAM. Only 15 MB on my machine. Screenshot below.
  • Extremely fast returns. Search queries are processed in less than a blink of eye.
  • Categorises search items. Choose from any file to audio, video or photo.

Download Everything.

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