Format Factory – One of the best Free Video Converters

Format Factory – One of the best Free Video Converters for PC.
How often do we feel need to convert videos for our mobile phones? Especially when it comes to Samsung Galaxy Ace. Galaxy Ace doesn’t support HD & full HD videos so we need to convert our favorite videos to the format supported by phone. Ofcourse, this applies to any mobile phone with video playback capabilities, but since I own a Samsung Galaxy Ace, I will focus on it.
I have found that videos with resolution of 640 X 480 can be played easily on Samsung Galaxy Ace with little compromise on quality & almost no lag. So in order to play videos, we need to convert them to MP4 format with resolution of 640 X 480.
Now comes the free application for PC to convert videos. I personally use Format Factory. Its completely free & handles a large array of video formats. Download Format Factory & install on your PC. Once it installs, run it. Now click All to MP4. See the screenshot below.
In the Profile section, choose MPEG 720 X 480 Widescreen. Now click Output Setting to edit the resolution and change it to  640 X 480. Leave other settings as they are. Bitrate must be 1200. Click OK.
Add a video file, click OK. Now click start. Conversion process will begin & once its done, a pop-up notification will tell you that it has been converted. Click Output Folder to navigate to the converted video. That’s it. You’re now able to play video on your Samsung Galaxy Ace. For other mobiles, please choose appropriate resolution & bit-rate.

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I have used it on my phone & it works like charm. Please drop your comments if you liked or disliked this post.
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