Free Flash light / Torch Application for Android devices

Reviewing Flashlight Android application.
Cheaper phones have always had an edge over high-end phones when it comes to torch / flashlight. Its a must have feature in any mobile. Who knows when power gets off & you need to search something especially below the bed! Flash lights come very handy at times. Cheap indigenous phones have been providing this feature since long. But what about Android phones? Well, most of them have camera flash & this has been used to provide help when it gets dark. Read on.
For all Android device users, there is an app called Brightest Flashlight. It uses your camera flash for light alongwith phone’s screen. Below are the features.
  • Free app. All ads are non-obtrusive. They dont play spoilsport.

  • Light is quite bright.
  • App is not very light on device, but its worth it.
  • Auto turns off in 2 minutes.
  • To turn it off, just hit back key.
  • Screen can also be used for light, but it sometimes causes LEDs of virtual keys to stay on. Better use camera flash only.

I have personally used this on my Samsung Galaxy Ace & it runs quite well. No performance issues have been found.

Free Flash light / Torch Application for Android devices | Admin | 4.5