Geek recommended reading for under £5 each!

So I’ve been on holiday this last week which gave me the opportunity to relax and read.  Holidays are one of the only times I find I can sit down with a good book and read for an extended amount of time.  This holiday, I chose two very geeky titles which I thoroughly recommend:

Ready Player One – Seems to have a different cover for every country its released in!  Set in the future; this book explains a story of one poor teenagers journey in a screwed up world, but set mainly in Virtual Reality.  Don’t even bother checking the reviews, just buy this, it’s such a fantastic read, I was really annoyed when I finished the book as I wanted to continue reading about the world it described!  You can get this on Kindle for just under £5

Tubes – Behind The Scenes at the Internet – This is my second recommendation, it follows the author on a journey to see the real life physical internet, I’m about half way into this one and so far the journey has been surprising and plenty of history.  It made me really appreciate how lucky we are to have the internet and also that it’s only been about in the mainstream public arena since the 90’s!  Kindle link

Geek recommended reading for under £5 each! | Admin | 4.5