How To Change Username And Password Of WiFi Router

Change Username And Password Of WiFi Router: Do you want to change Username & Password of your WiFi router but don’t know how to do this?  Don’t worry here in this tutorial, We will show how “How you change Username and Password of WiFi Router”. Many of you might be using a WiFi broadband connection at there home or offices but you don’t have much knowledge about it. When you comes to know that your WiFi is not secured and neighbours are misusing it. There might be a default password set on your router but it is possible that your neighbour of friend got your WiFi’s password somehow and misusing it. Changing Password is the first thought comes to your mind but, but you are not the tetchy guy in your home and don’t know how to do it.  Some parents also wants to keep a password on there WiFi to keep away their Children so they don’t got engaged on Internet for hours.

Wi-Fi Broadband connection is very common nowadays. Just because of the Wi-Fi, people now don’t need different internet modems and dongles for different PCs or Laptops to connect to internet. Because by using Wi-Fi routers, you can connect as many PCs as you want at a same time. You don’t need to use different internet plans for different devices after setting up Wi-Fi router.

A PC or Laptop is very boring without Internet, We use Internet for every small work on our PC in surfing or downloading anything. And we must need to look up at security of our Wi-Fi router otherwise our neighbours can access our Wi-Fi anytime. You should secure your Wi-Fi router with Password so that no one can able to use your Wi-Fi without your permission.

Many people don’t knows about how to change or update username and password of WiFi router. So read this tutorial carefully to know How to change username and password of any WiFi router. You can easily change username and password of you Wi-Fi router after following this guide. And after changing your wifi router with a password nobody will beable to access your Wi-Fi without Password.

[How to Change Username And Password of Wifi Router?]

You can change username and password of your Wi-Fi router anytime you want in future. Many people are very serious about their cyber security, And they want to keep updating their password very often. You change your Wi-Fi router’s password anytime you want, even everyday if you want. There is no limit on changing password of your Wi-Fi router. So read the below steps to learn how to change Wi-Fi router’s username and password.

Steps To Change Your WiFi Name And Password
1. First of all you need to open your Wi-Fi router’s settings by typing below given one the address in URL bar of your browser:

2. If you are unable to open your Wi-Fi router setting by above given addresses then your have to follow these steps:

  • Press Windows key and R key together on your keyboard (Win + R) to bring up the RUN dialog box..
  • Now type “cmd” and press enter.
  • When the command prompt opens, type “ipconfig” and hit Enter.
  • Now look for The Default Gateway address and note it down.
  • Then open your Browser and type the Default Gateway Address which you just found.

3. If you  still not able to open settings page of your WiFi router then try to reset your router to its Factory Settings.
4. To reset your router to its Factory Settings, Press and hold the reset button of your router for at least 30 seconds.

5. If you still got trouble opening settings page then check your WiFi routers manufacturer website for the instructions..
6. After opening your Wi-Fi router’s settings page in your browser, type the current username and password of your router to login.

7. Default Username of router is “admin“, but if you forgot your Username and Password, you can reset if by Holding reset button of your router for 30 seconds.
8. After logging in into your router settings, look up at Wireless Option.
9. Now click on Name/SSID/ID option.
10. You can change your Username from here.

11. Now, go to Security options >> Password/PSK >> Connection Type.
12. Click on options and change your Password from here.

13. Now, save all settings and restart your Router to apply changes.

That’s it. This is the simplest way to change username and password of your Wi-Fi router. It’s the easiest steps that anyone can follow without any technical knowledge, You thought it was a hard task but it isn’t. You can easily change your Router’s password and username by this method.
No matters which WiFi router you are using. You just have to login to your WiFi Router page and change the settings. Reset your WiFi Username or Password whenever you wish from there. If you have any doubt or query, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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