How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link [Full Guide]

How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link: Here is the latest trick and guides about How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link to add any person as a group member without group admin’s permission, Here we have shared 3 method’s to Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link 1st create invitation link via GB Whatsapp APk latest version and 2nd you can create whatsapp group invitation link using WA Prime APK and 3rd via official whatsapp.

If you have group on Whatsapp, and you want to add as many people as possible, like people from Facebook, Xda Forums etc. then you have to first save each and every person’s contact number in your phonebook and only then you will be able to add them in your Whatsapp group. But now, With the whatsapp group invitation link you no longer need to save the contact one by one and add them in your group. You can Just Create One Whatsapp Group Invite link, Which you can share on social media or anywhere else, if someone want’s to join your group he/she just have to click on your WhatsApp Group’s invitation link from there smartphone and then they will be able to join your WhatsApp Group. This is very easy and convenient trick to add people from different sources to your WhatsApp Group, Because you will not have to add each member manually, just need to share your WhatsApp Group invitation link and other people will be able to add themselves in your whatsapp Group.

Its quite possible that you’ve already heard about this feature, Or seen other people sharing there WhatsApp Groups Invite Link and always wonder how they created the link. Here we will explain the step by step guide To Create WhatsApp group invitation link,

Advantages of WhatsApp Group Invite Link

This WhatsAppgroup Invite Link Trick have many advantages, Here are some of the benefits of WhatsAppgroup Invite Link.

  • Time Saving, You no longer need to Save the Contact Number of the person in your Phone before adding them in the WhatsApp Group.
  • Anyone Can join your group just by clicking Whatsapp Group Invitation Link.
  • No Approval of group admin required to join group, By shearing your WhatsApp Group invitation link you are giving permission to everyone to join Your WhatsApp Group.

Disadvantage – Anyone can join your group and spam it.

Solution If lots of people joining your group by your WhatsApp Group invitation link and sending spam messages or the type of messages you don’t want in your group, And you are regretting why you have shared your WhatsApp Group invite link, Then you can revoke your WhatsApp group invite link, so the older link will get expired and people will no longer be able to join your WhatsApp Group by clicking older WhatsApp Group invitation link.

How to Create Whatsapp Group Join Invitation Link

Method 3 – Best And Fastest

Now WhatsApp officially supports and lets you to create group invite link’s.


  • The Latest Version Of WhatsApp should be installed


  • Create a new group on your WhatsApp
  • Add members to the group by using the add contact icon on the top right corner
  • Click on the group invite link to create the invite link
  • Now you can share the group invite link across all social media platforms
  • Simple… Start sharing your group links.
Method 2 – Create WhatsApp Group invitation link with GBWhatsApp

  • Download, and Install GBWhatsapp apk in your Phone – Download GBwhatsapp
  • After installing the GBWhatsapp and setting everything up, Open The Group Conversation, Of which lonk your want to Create and share, Open the group chat and Press Menu Button, then Goto Group Info.
  • Now Click on + Button in Top Right Corner.
  • Click on Invite to Group via link button and then copy the link.
  • Now Send that link to any of your friend you want to add in your group and tell them to just click on the link, Your Friend Will get One prompt before adding to WhatsApp group – Do you want to join the group.

And Finally After Accept your invitation, your friend will be able to Chat in the group.

Method 1 – Create WhatsApp Group invitation link with WA Prime

The steps are same as above GBWhatsapp method

  • Uninstall your official WhatsApp app from your device
  • download WhatsApp prime from Here Download Wa Prime Apk.
  • After installing and setting up, open WA Prime.
  • Now open the group which you want to Generate Whatsapp Group Invitation Link.
  • Then click on Group Info option then click on + (Add Member) option.
  • Now you will see “Invite to Group via Link” option just click on it.
  • Once you click it, then a link will shown you just copy it by clicking copy option.

These were the methods which you can follow to create WhatsApp group invite link. But as we know that whatsapp have limited maximum group members to 256 in one group, and you cant add more the 256 members in one group. So if your group reaches 256 Members limit, Anyone who clicks the Whatsapp Group Invite Link will not be able to join your group until any group member leave the group or you remove a member.

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