How to get the best Sound out of Samsung Galaxy Ace?

Reviewing the “Best & Free Equalizer app” for Samsung Galaxy Ace / Android devices.

This post is for those who want the best sound quality from their Samsung Galaxy Ace phone (other Android phone / device users can also try this). Its default Music Player is extremely poor performer both in terms of interface & sound. Please refer to Best Music Player post for more on choosing best & free Music Players for your Galaxy Ace. I personally use Winamp.

I have noticed clicking / popping sounds in the music playback with most of music player apps. Only Winamp & Poweramp didn’t produce any such irritating sound. So please grab Winamp for greater Audio clarity.
Now comes the major part. Enriching the sound being played through Winamp. The best Free Equalizer app is a self named app that totally changes the sound coming out of your device. Download Equalizer app to enjoy best possible sound. It comes with a 5-band equalizer & lets you edit the presets (you need to buy it to save more than 1 presets, but i guess, 1 is sufficient). Below are the details / features.

1. 5-band equalizer that can be edited (Pro version needed to save more than 1 presets).
2. Effects like Virtualizer, Bass Boost & Reverb. (Only Bass Boost seems to work on Galaxy Ace). Use with Headsets for better experience.
3. On-Off options for Equalizer & effects.
4. Skinnable.
5. Sound enhancement applies to all the sounds including Ringtones.
Tips :-
1. Please use only Bass Boost effect & set it to 100%.
2. Don’t enable Virtualizer or if you really want it, then don’t set it to more than 25%. It produces a lot of hissing sounds.
Note : – I recommend installing another great Music Player, JetAudio for experiencing great sound from your Android device. Below is the link of my review.
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