How to Hide/Disable Whatsapp Calling Feature on Android

How to Disable Whatsapp Calling: Almost everyone uses WhatsApp on there smartphone, It have become a must have for everyone, After getting there new smartphone the first thing anyone would do is to install WhatsApp on there phone. And its a grate texting app but sometimes it gets annoying when you start receiving unwanted WhatsApp calls on your WhatsApp. WhatsApp calling is one of the best feature of WhatsApp, but sometimes we may want to disable WhatsApp calling. One more annoying thing about Whatsapp calling is that the app don’t give us freedom to choose any other app as our calling app, so if you got a message from a new number and wish to call that no. to check who the person is, we will have to first save the number and only then we’ll be able to call on that no. Sometimes if you are texting with your friend and he says to call him urgently, usually instead of going to the dialer app you mistakenly call from whatsapp’s in app calling feature, Sometimes these little things get really annoying.

If you are talking to someone impotent on WhatsApp, And if one of your annoying friends try to call you, with you dont want to talk. Sometimes the situation can get really annoying. So one solution is to disable WhatsApp calling on your Android. You can read more about Whatsapp calling feature on official WhatsApp website

Unfortunately, there is no official way to disable whatsapp calling feature, But thanks to Our XDA friends we have some unofficial ways to do it. Disabling WhatsApp calls is piece of cake. There are plenty of methods available online to disable whatsapp calling feature. We have collected the best and 100% safe methods to get the job done. Here we have have explained 2 different methods below, Which will help you to successfully deactivate/disable WhatsApp calling feature on any Android phone.

So if you are one of those people who are really frustrated by whatsapp calling feature and want to use it only for texting and wish if there was a way to Disable WhatsApp calling feature on your Android device, then you can follow the below steps.

Disable Whatsapp Calling Feature (Recommended Method)

This is the best and recommended method to disable WhatsApp calls on Android. If you have any issues while using method first, then you can simply try this method and it will surely work for you. Some of you may already have hared  about the app called GBWhatsapp, It is an modded version of the official Whatsapp app with tons of extra features.
Note – Make sure to backup your Chats before using this method. Dont blame me if you loose your chats.
1. Download GBWhatsapp on your Phone from here.


click to download

2. After Download GBWhatsapp on your phone, Dont install it yet if you care about your old whatsapp chat history and want to keep all your old whatsapp messages.
3. To take backup of your old chats, simple open your whatsapp official app and 
Go to: Settings > Chats > and select the option called Backup Chats.
4. Now you can uninstall official Whatsapp and install GBWhatsapp

Read This: Post To know The Detailed process of How to install GBWhatsapp On Any Android.

5.  After installing GBWhatsapp Open it and verify your Phone number in it.
Now After verifying your phone number, it will open the app same as Official WhatsApp.
6. Now click Menu option and Select GB Settings Option.

7. Scroll down a little bit and select open option of Other MODSNow click Disable Voice Calls button and you are done.


8. Open Chat of the person for whom you want to disable whatsapp calling function, then click on the profile button. Then Select Custom Notifications Button.

9. Click on Use Custom Notifications and then click Disable Voice Calls Button.

That’s It!! You will no longer receive whatsapp calls from the person, whose calling you have disabled. If you have any problems installing GBWhatsapp, try below method.

How to Disable WhatsApp Calling on Android (Steps)

In this tutorial, we are going to explain trick to Disable WhatsApp calling feature via an application called Disable Whatsapp Calls (Obvious name isn’t it). This app can disable whatsapp calls on any Android device and it also works without root. So simply just follow below steps, To disable WhatsApp calls on your Android device.
This method may or may not work correctly. So if it didn’t work for you, then simply try method 2 with GBWhatsapp to disable whatsapp calling on your device.
Note – This method is not working properly, So Usage of first method is highly recommended.
1. Download Disable Whatsapp Calling appfrom here –


1.17MB .apk
Disable Whatsapp Calls

2. Install the app on your device.

3. Open the app and Click on Services button, And enable notification access for the app.

4. Now get back to the Disable Whatsapp Calling app And configur settings.

And that’s it. Now WhatsApp calling should be disabled on your device and you will not receive any more annoying calls.
So Guys, These were the best way’s  to disable Whatsapp calling Feature on any Android device. These steps will work 100% if you follow the steps correctly.
Hurray!!! No more annoying calls. I will try my best for provide more usefull tutorials for so Stay tuned at EarningCentral for more cool whatsapp related tricks and hacks. If you face any difficulty while following the steps just comment below we are always ready to help.

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