How to Increase Adsense Youtube earnings up to 200%

You tuber friends may often complain about the viewer is a lot but adsense income is only $0.0 so. Already looking for various ways to increase YouTube adsense earnings, my friend must have known adsense YouTube more promising than the adsense blog or website. Why promise? Besides how to get easier than adsense website to become a you tuber in my opinion more easily. Suppose we are on the road then accidentally we see a police quarrel with a mother on the street screaming shouted and scratch:> (peace) then we record, and we upload to YouTube right then and so viral, viewer reach 1M , try how income that we can (without having to typing used to sit in front of Levi while accompanied by coffee hehehe). The problem and the question, actually how much we paid google for viewer that we can, sometimes the viewer a lot but earning a little, not so much viewer but earnings pretty. Good friend you tuber a good heart (Ala MT hahah) ,, let’s peel why YouTube ads out earnings can be different difference

How to Increase Adsense Youtube earnings up to 200%
How to Increase Adsense Youtube earnings up to 200%

Many factors that affect YouTube adsense earnings increase or decrease, here are some factors that affect earnings adsense

1. Ad price from advertiser

Earning adsense YouTube influenced by the advertiser, we as publisher just surrender how much they will pay us. Some are willing to pay high but some pay a little

2. YouTube Video Quality

The advertiser side also sort out which video will be in the ad, the good video content is usually the chance of advertising appear larger

3. The duration of Youtube Video

Keep our uploaded videos have duration above 1 minute, if can be at least 3 minutes per video, the longer the duration of our video advertising opportunities appear also more and more

4. The origin of the viewer location

Each location (Country) BPS / RPM value is different, (I think this is the cause of high or low earning adsense) Viewer from abroad (eg America) will have a higher RPM than viewer from Indonesia comparison far enough lho, if from Indonesia $1, 5 if from America can reach $100 BPS / RPM him

Of the 4 factors that I mentioned above I conclude no 4 is the main cause of our YouTube adsense ads high or low, continue to how to overcome how? Calm my dear and kind companions, I have a way to increase YouTube adsense earnings up to 200%, the core of this way or trick is that we focus our target viewer to a country with high RPM, how to increase our YouTube adsense earnings as follows

1. Log in to YouTube then go to the settings go to analytics select Add Rating

From here we can see which countries have high RPM
how to increase youtube adsense earnings
how to increase youtube adsense earnings

Take a look, so far difference, reaching 1: 100 for the united states. From here we will target our video to America

2. Change our YouTube location to the country we will target

scroll down to continue on the ad rating menu earlier, there will be option location content, please select our target destination country
how to increase youtube adsense earnings
how to increase youtube adsense earnings

3. Change the IP browser we used to upload video

after we change the location of the content, please change our IP browser when will upload the video, so if we change the IP browser to IP American as we will upload from America there

4. After trying and do the steps above

do not forget to pray for the people of America there see our video content 🙂 and still the spirit of earning dollars from YouTube
Hopefully this article can be a little helpful to the good companions 🙂 🙂

please share this article, hopefully useful, the spirit of looking dollar yes 🙂
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