How To Install GB Whatsapp And Restore Chats On Android

Download GB Whatsapp Latest version

Install GB Whatsapp On Android: GBWhatsApp is the Most popular and best mod for Whatsapp. You are probably one of the thousands users who uses Whatsapp daily on there Android device. And if you want to get some extra features in your WhatsApp, Like locking your Whatsapp chats with password, Use 2 Whatsapp Accounts in one device, Custom theme in Whatsapp, and more, then GB Whatsapp is the best option for you. With the custom mods available in GB Whatsapp you can Hide your Last Seen Status, Second Tick, Online Status. We have posted direct Download Links to download GB WhatsApp for your android mobile, You can install GB Whatsapp in any rooted or non rooted android device. GB WhatsApp is better than all other Whatsapp Modes available on the internet like WhatsApp plus or OGwhatsapp

Download GB WhatsApp Apk Latest version

You can download Latest GBwhatsapp apk from the below links. If you have issues in downloading or installing the app, then just leave a comment in the comment section below. We will try our best to help you. This app works fine in all android devices. Download it now from below link for free to explore cool whatsapp modes, features. GBwhatsapp is better than official whatsapp and it have lots of cool modes, features.


33.29MB .apk

GB WhatsApp Latest

How to Install GB WhatsApp on your Android Device

1. First of all dont forget to take backup of your chats in Whatsapp if you already using official version of Whatsapp and want to keep your old messages in GBwhatsapp.
To do this : Open Whatsapp > Go to Settings > Chats > And press Backup chats option.
Whatsapp will take a backup of all your messages.

2. After that Download GB Whatsapp from the above Link, Uninstall Official whatsapp by going in to your Settings > Apps > Whatsapp > Uninstall (Do not clear data) and after that install GBwhatsapp.apk it in your Android Device.

3. Now If you have whatsapp chats backup and you want it to restore in GBwhatsapp then Follow the below steps:

  1. Open your file manager > Open storage (internal or external, depends on where your device store whatsapp file) and find the folder named Whatsapp.
  2. Now Rename this folder from Whatsapp To GBWhatsapp.
  3. After renaming the folder open it and there you will see an folder named Media, Open this folder, Inside the Media folder you will see lots of folders like WhatsApp Audio, WhatsApp Video and more, Rename each folder To GB(original folder name),     For Example : – Rename WhatsApp Audio To GBWhatsApp Audio, rename all folders like this.

See the image to understand it batter.

4. After renaming all folders, Now, Open GB Whatsapp from your App Drawer, and you will see It will ask for your Mobile number just like the normal Whatsapp Do. The GBWhatsapp’s Setup Process is same like official process so,
5. Enter your number here, and it will verify your number via OTP Code, and you are done.
6. In between setup process it will ask your that it have found chat backup ind do you want to restore it . just press restore and it will restore all your older chats.

Features of GB WhatsApp

Have a look at the some of the common features of this GBWhatsapp apk, which you will get in it after you install this in your Android device.

  • Ban proof, No Issue of Ban your Account.
  • Supports calls, No Worries about calling feature.
  • Hide your ( last seen ) status.
  • Privacy mods like Hide Second read Tick etc.
  • Supports Custom Themes, Apply the Theme of your choice, hundreds of themes available in inbuilt Theme Store.
  • Theme Server ( to download/apply themes )
  • Change ticks/bubbles Style.
  • Counter statistics for groups.
  • Media preview without loading, much advanced and better than real whatsapp (gbmods rocks)
  • Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen.
  • Send video to size upto 30 MB instead of 16 *MB.
  • Send 90 images at once instead of 10.
  • Change your status and add upto 250 characters instead of 139.
  • Ability to generate group links.
  • Ability to press links in states, If your friends posted any link in his status, you can open it with one click.
  • The possibility of distinguishing between normal messages and Broadcast messages.
  • Hide the name and the date when copy more than one message. So now you can copy bulk SMS without showing other people’s name.
  • The possibility of copying other people’s status.
  • Change the app icon and notifications from settings.

And many other awesome features…

So Guys, This was the easiest Guide to Install GB Whatsapp And Restore your old whatsapp Chats On Android. There are many gb whatsapp themes available in app itself, which you can download and use. If you have any confusion, or any other issue while downloading this file, then simply comment below. Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned for more.

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