How To Post Audio Comment and Voice Message On Facebook

Post Audio Comment On Facebook:  There is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social networking website, Millions of users daily login  on Facebook, and According to Alexa website ranking system it is the second biggest website which gets the most of the traffic after Google. Facebook have became very important in our life which helps us to stay connected with our society, family and friends. And while chatting on Facebook or commenting of a post if you ever thought it would’ve been more fun if you could post a voice comment. Posting audio comments is not yet possible via any official method but it can be easily achieved by installing a small extension for Google Chrome.

There is an extension called Talk and Comment on Google Chrome Store, Talk and Comment Extension lets you post voice comments and messages on Facebook. You can easily install and setup this extension from chrome store.

The only downside of this trick is that only those who have installed this extension will be able to play the audio message directly, other users who don’t have the extension installed will see a link instead and then the click on the link a new browser tab will open with the play audio option. So if you want to post voice comments on Facebook then follow the below steps

How To Post Audio Comment and Voice Message In Facebook

  1. Download and install “Talk and comment” Extension from Chrome Web Store: [Click here].
  2. After installing Google Chrome will ask your permission to grant access to your micro phone. Just click “Allow” it.
  3. Now that you’ve successfully installed Talk and comment extension, An audio mic icon will appear in your Facebook posts and chat.
  4. Click and hold the mic icon and speak through your microphone. When you are done with your message, release the mic icon. An URL with your audio message will appear, click “Enter” and it will be automatically converted into a voice message. That’s it your audio message or comment will be posted.
  5. The audio comment will appear as a playable link to the users if other user are using Google chrome’s “Talk and comment” extension.Others with different browsers may get a link on clicking which will open a new tab with playable audio button.
The best thing about Talk and comment Chrome Extension is that all the recipients can play the voice message or comment even if they don’t have the Talk and comment Chrome extension installed. Moreover, there is no limit to the time of each voice recording.

The only downside with the extension is that it doesn’t offer any customization options, well it doesn’t really need any.

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