How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

Facebook multi group poster

How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once: As Facebook is the most popular social networking site, It is also a big platform for advertising and link building. Many website owners and bloggers use it to share there websites links to advertise and promote there website. If you are also a blog or website owner then here will show you Facebook multiple group poster trick for post in all Facebook groups in once click free.

To get enough view you have to share your links on multiple Facebook Pages and Groups, Which can be a very hefty task to open every page and group and post your links there. Have you ever wished if there could be a more simple and convenient way to share your websites links in multiple face groups quickly and fully free, then here will show you Facebook multiple group poster trick for post in all Facebook groups at once click. This is The Latest and 100% Working trick for Posting in multiple Facebook Groups at Once. 
fb multi group poster

If you are looking for a Facebook multi mass group poster, then you are at Right Place. This is the best Facebook Multi group Poster tool, With this tool you can post in all of Facebook Groups is a single click. You don’t have to open all group links one by once to post one single Message again and again. This is a Chrome Extension, which is specially created for Facebook Users, for performing various tasks.

How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once [Trick 2]

If you are a website owner and searching for a way or trick to post websites link in multiple facebook groups in single click then just follow these easy steps below, to know how you can post in multiple Facebook groups in one click without any trouble. In this method we will be using an web based service. 

  • At First, Sign up in Ai Poster from here – [Ai Poster ##external##]
  • After creating your Account, Login to your Account.
  • Now Click on Settings from Top Bar, Then Click on Facebook Accounts Tab.
  • Then Click Add/Update Facebook Account option. Make sure you are already logged in with your Facebook Account in browser.
  • Now Select the option of Authenticate this app. Allow Permissions to our app.
  • Make Sure to Set Post Visibility option as Public While allowing permissions to Ai Poster. Otherwise this site won’t be able to automatically post your links in multiple groups.
  • After allowing permissions, close the tab and Click on Get app access token.
  • Here you will see your Access token, Simply copy it.

Note – Sometimes it shows blank access token. If it happens, close the tab and click on Get app access token option again.

  • Paste your Access token in below text field and click Add Facebook Account. Then Click Close button.
  • Now go to Homepage and you will see all of your Groups, Pages listed there. Here you can Select groups from the list one by one or tick all at once by clicking Node Name.
  • Now Enter your Message or link which you want to post in Facebook groups. You can also add images and videos with your Post.
  • Click Send Now button to send your message. You can also save the post for later use, or Schedule post to send message at your chosen time.
  • Dont close tab while Ai Poster working and posting your message groups. If you close the tab, it will stop posting in groups.
If you have any more questions, then feel free to comment below. I will try my best to help you out.

How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once [Trick 1]

Advantages Of This Facebook Mass Poster Trick:-

  • Fastest Way – The Faster and 100% Working way for Post in All Facebook Groups at Once.
  • No Script Needed, It is an awesome Chrome Extension, so its very easy to use and mass post in groups.
  • Instant Posting – Post Instantly, No need to wait.
  • No Risk of  Banning your Facebook Id, If you play safe with the tools settings your Facebook Account will not be Banned after using This.
  • and much more.. Read about the tool in detail Here.

  • Facebook Social Toolkit – Download 
  • Facebook Account, Join all Facebook groups you want to post in.
  • Google Chrome browser installed.
  • Working Internet Connection.(Obviously)
Steps For Facebook Groups Mass Post:-

  • Download and Install Facebook Social Toolkit Extension in Google Chrome browser from here. – [Download] 
  • After Installing Facebook Social Toolkit Extension in Google Chrome, Open and login to your account.
  • After login to your Facebook account. Click on the FST icon, and click on Facebook Social Toolkit for Facebook Account.
  • Now, In Premium Tools Section, you will see the Option  Post on Multiple Groups at Once (Graph API Explorer). Click on this option.
“If it asks for Premium licence Key, Then Enter any Gmail Address, and any random words in licence key, and click login it will activate premium account.”
Now you will get the Option to enter your message or link for your Post. Enter the number of groups in  you want to post your message. 
In enter delay section, enter 60(value is in seconds), if you don’t want to take any risk of banning  your Facebook account. 
Note : If you enter low value, Facebook will detect you that you are using some kind of script and will ban your account

  • Now click on Post On Groups option, and you are done.  Not tool will automatically start posting your message in all groups.
  • Don’t close your browser Or Browser Tab until it completes its done posting process.
This is one of the best method to post link/messages in multiple Facebook groups at once. We have personally tested the above method, and it works fine. As you can see in the screenshot,
So guys, these were the best tricks, with the help of these tricks you can post in multiple Facebook groups in just one click. Keep visiting – Earning Central for more cool tricks like this. thanks for visiting.
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