How to speed up website loading

Speed ​​Loading website is very important in the world of SEO, if loading our website long then the reader will leave our website before they read the contents of the content that we write. This I realize because every time I search for information on the internet then I click on the website loading is long then I will automatically search other websites, this is very painful for those who have a blog or website. So automatically if loading our website long then the reader will immediately leave our website, there is even research about loading website by Kissmetric which resulted in conclusion “Average loading time required when first accessing the website only about 3 seconds. conclude inevitably we should speed up loading our website, there are many ways to speed up loading our website.

If you want to get a lot of visitors then the average loading time required when first accessing the website is only about 3 seconds, if more than 3 seconds most likely the prospective visitor will leave our website without knowing the contents of our website

How to speed up website loading
How to speed up website loading

Before we discuss about how to speed up website loading should we first identify factors causing factors loading our website is high, factors such factors

1. Web Hosting

Pay close attention when setting up hosting, whether there is cache handling or not

2. Image file size

Image file size is very important, loadind the image will be longer than loading typed (content content), so pay attention really the size of the image we will upload to our web.

3. Server Hosting

When choosing a hosting server check first the credibility of the hosting server, whether it is good or not

4. Mobile friendly

Make sure our website is mobile friendly because the majority of smartphone users are now so many, and most likely they access our website through their gadgets

To check the speed of loading our website can we check through google page speed test, or can pass the provider loading website loading speed, please search on the internet a lot, including google page speed, GTmetrix, pingdom and others.

After we check our new website loading maximize the speed of loading our website. Here are some ways to speed up loading our website


Pictures that we upload should we note correctly, the image should not be too large in size, we can edit with photosop or other applications. No need to upload images that are too burdensome loading, eg 4K images, just the compression or edited with the size of 800×400 ppi or according to taste, but the image quality is maintained, not the broken image broken upload


Themes or templates used do not have to be too crowded, search templates are SEO friendly, mobile friendly, Lightweight, much sought after on the internet. Do not install too many widgets, widgets as necessary if for google adsense itself is also recommended the use of a simple widget. Try not often change the template or theme often because it will affect in the indexing as well, in addition to change the theme will leave the cache that affect the speed of loading the website


For websites that use videos do not directly upload, simply use the embed facility, can be uploaded via Youtube or another new service provider in embed to the web or blog us. If I personally avoid using video if you want to load our website high


We need JSS code, Java script, Html long and many, this also berpengaruk at the speed of loading our website, to overcome it can use minify jss phasitlitas, java script and html lots of services providers minify this, just search in search engine, so we do not have to bother to bother to minify itself


When editing a template or theme put the CSS code in the header and JS on the footer, this is so that when web loading will load the page first, never put JS (Java Script) in the header


Website needs to be controlled periodically, this is to detect broken link links alias broken, never let any links that lead to error 404. To detect damage to links we do not need to bother check one check, just check through google webmaster tools, in situ is complete, when there is an error or damaged link will be seen, we just fix it

that was some way to speed up website loading, in addition to website website loading speed must also be considered to attract visitors, the speed of loading the website is not the only factor to attract the visitors but the speed of loading the website is very important to maintain the visitor so as not to quickly leave our website . Okay buddy how to speed up loading this website can direct you praktekan, good luck 🙂
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