How to use computer router

It is a special type of device which is used to connect two or more subnets which may not be similar. These device provide connectivity between two LAN & WAN over large geographical deistance .the router computer best router from sender to reciver by participating in a routing protocol to access the network topology and the information
 Thus gathered is used to computer router .
they operates at network layer of osi mode .and accommodate all the different of the subnetworks upto this layer so that they can provide a uniform network service to the transport layer entities of the nodes the network service to the sub networks being interconnected and also routing and relaying function  which transfer the network protocol data units from one sub networks to an other .
The router have provision for both connection less and connection mode of networks service .
A router is an intelligent connecting device that can send packets to the correct LAN segment to deliver it to ots destination .
Router use specific type of information in such a manner that they perform a very use ful task by determining the best route from a sours to destination without the consideration of what lies between them…..
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