iTunes Versus other Music players

Hi Guys! Finally I got rid of all the evils & now I can concentrate on Technical stuff about Software, Visualizations etc. I have been writing about My own life in My Blog (quite old blog that I have stopped) but now I think I must share whatever I know about Computers with you. I’m starting with Merits & Demerits of Media players. My choice for the Media player for listening to Music is undoubtedly iTunes. It has been a revolutionary product from Apple. But let me figure out it’s demerits first.

1. It’s slow to load on my Pentium 4 2.4 GHz & 256 MB Machine (Windows XP SP2).
2. Video playback is not satisfactory.
3. It doesn’t show currently playing song’s Info well.
4. Looks ordinary, means not very eye-catching.
5. No Skinnability.
6. Visualizations are not easily customizable (like Winamp’s, they are a breeze to use & configure). Not much control over scenes & effects is there in iTunes.
7. No lyricist’s column while editing Song’s info. While viewing lyrics, we can’t navigate through songs using keyboard or mouse. I mean when the main window goes out of focus, keyboard-mouse don’t respond.
8. No lyrics display except right clicking a song->Get Info->Lyrics tab. WMP wins here.
9. No Music folder Monitoring. Only Manual removal of Deleted songs & manual addition of new songs & folders. It’s boring to do.
10. Music keys on Keyboard dont work when iTunes is minimised (or when it’s window is out of focus).
11. No method for changing speed (tempo) of Songs. Only Fast forward & rewind can be done.
But then why I do consider it as the best Music player? It has attracted a lot of Windows users as well. Why? Its just because of iTunes I managed my huge Music collection, otherwisee it was very difficult for me to select a particular song from over 2000 songs. It helped me quickly edit Song’s Information. Now my Music library is very well maintained & tidy. 
1. Great Metadata (Song’s Information) editing because of Autocomplete feature. Reduces time.
2. Robust Songs’ Database.
3. Great Sound effects, plus the Sound enhancer feature.
4. Best Playlist creation. Smart playlists are easiest to build.
5. We can scroll down without even clicking in different areas (Library & Playlist).
6. Unique Columns’ settings for each Playlist.
7. Permanent Sorting of playlist. (Windows media player & Real player have this difficulty). But iTunes remember Playlist sorting.
8. Best looking Visualization (though very hard to customize).
9. Easy to use Interface.
10. Last but not the least, it’s FREE Of COST for use. No Nag screens, reduced functionality or limited use. No guilt! So these are the reasons of using iTunes as a music player. I don’t appreciate it’s Video playback. But for Music (Audios) it’s a breeze. Don’t forget the Cover Flow feature. My suggestion for iTunes: Just follow what is written in it’s demerits. Despite of having some drawbacks, iTunes tops the list of Music players. I want several Plug-ins for iTunes like Winamp & WMP. Like Lyrics-Viewer, Visualizations, Skins & other stuff. There are tonnes of plug-ins available for Winamp. They make Winamp really a handy Media player. There must be some work done for iTunes like providing a reliable & customizable Visualization program. Apart from it’s built in visual. There is “G-force” & “Magnetosphere”but it crashed iTunes on my machine. Also what about a Remote-control for iTunes?
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