JetAudio for Android! Free, Dandy Music Player with Great Sound Effects

One of the best music players for Android – JetAudio

JetAudio is one the Music Players I use on my laptop. Not because its better than my favorite iTunes, but because it provides the features that even the biggies lack. I am talking about Sound Effects. My Audio Card’s driver has no option for choosing listening environment & that’s the reason JetAudio sits there on my laptop. There is option to enable listening environments like Hall, Stadium, Room etc. A few songs sound really good when heard in virtual environments. Enough said about the desktop version. This post is for Android only. So let me tell you, JetAudio is miles ahead of PowerAmp & other top Music Apps when it comes to sound effects. Its 100% free, though you can purchase the Plus version for Ads-free experience. JetAudio Basic has features that are available only in paid versions of other players. Read on for full review.

Cons :-
  • Ads. Though they won’t disturb you.
  • No Lock-Screen. I have asked developers for the same.
  • No Headset-Controls. I have asked developers for this as well.
  • Sound Effects. Including 10/20 bands graphic equalizer, Wide – Reverb – XBass & others like Hall – Stadium – Room.
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC, that enables same volume level for all songs).
  • Crossfading.
  • Sleep Timer.
  • Ability to play songs Folder-wise (one of the most sought after feature!)
  • Cool User Interface.
  • Supports many formats.
  • Gapless playback.
  • Playback speed controls.
  • Installd to SD card, thus saves precios memory.
  • Allows you to post the song being played to Facebook & Twitter.
I recommend JetAudio for all those who want better sound quality from their Android device. I have tested this on my Samsung Galaxy Ace with Android 2.3.6 & am completely satisified with the audio playback that it offers. Great sound quality & great features make it one of the best Music Players for Android. Go for it. The cons disappoint but might be fixed in future updates. Till then install JetAudio & enjoy your music with better sound quality.
JetAudio for Android! Free, Dandy Music Player with Great Sound Effects | Admin | 4.5