Live Wallpapers For Android by Teragon – Ones I Have Fallen In Love With

I am not a huge fan of Live Wallpapers, for they consume too much system resources & often drain the battery fast. But then I came across Live Wallpapers by Teragon, a Singapore based Software company. I have always loved to see the sun rising in the morning, trees swaying with the wind, birds chirping in air & everything happening against background of a hill. Same goes with sun-set. And Teragon’s wallpapers have done just that. There are 4 different Live wallpapers for morning, afternoon, evening & night. 

In every wallpaper there are trees swaying, birds flying and chirping (believe me, this sound is gorgeous), deers running, clouds moving AND beautiful rainbow appearing randomly(its frequency can be changed in Pro versions or All-in-One package). In night wallpaper, known as Dream Night, there are fire-flies, stars & meteor-showers!! And the overall effect is highly realistic!! It looks pretty damn beautiful & soothing to eyes. And yeah, birds wish you in the morning & and also before you go to bed in a very pretty way 🙂 Trees & birds can be touched. Trees sway & leaves shed when you touch them. And what happens when you touch birds? Well, install it & find out 🙂 Its light-weight and download size is paltry 6-7 MBs.

Almost all wallpapers have same settings & they are all completely FREE to use without any ads. There are very good reasons to buy it, though 🙂 At a very little price, you will get all these 4 wallpapers in an All-in-One package that will change automatically according to the time. So you will see birds greeting you and the sun rising up when you wake up in the morning and then the sun subsequently shining fully in the afternoon with blue sky & so on!! Plus, there are additional customisations that allow changing hills, trees, background, colour accents, snowfall & the like. Developers are also going to introduce weather feature in this, so your wallpaper will change according to weather conditions as well. 

I have noticed no lag on my phone (3GB RAM model) & my father’s phone (1GB RAM model). It runs very smoothly and battery drain is not noticeable on my devices. I have directed my friends to these and they have all loved it to the core. Below is brief description of the wallpapers.

Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper

Wake up in the morning and be ready to smile, because the birds will greet you and make your day.  Looks very realistic & feels really nice. Its Pro version has extra features to change additional settings.

Blue Sky Free Live Wallpaper

The sun has risen up completely & there are fewer clouds. Sky is blue with occasional sun-flares. Its Pro version has additional settings like changing sky colour accent, background etc.Sunset Hill Free Live WallpaperHighly realistic sun-set effect. I personally love this wallpaper a lot because its about the beginning of Autumns in North India & the time around sun-set makes me feel really happy 🙂 Not very hot & subtle wind. This wallpaper simulates this effect beautifully. Pro version has more customisable settings.Dream Night Free Live Wallpaper

Soothing night scene. Fire-flies glow at the bottom of screen & there are occasional meteor showers. Sky is cloudy with moon & stars visible. Pro version enables real-time moon & few other settings just live other Pro versions.If you are happy with free versions, its good but if you want a Live Wallpaper that you will keep forever, I suggest you go for All-in-One package known as Day Nigh Live Wallpaper. I have myself bought it & I am very satisfied 🙂 We must support these developers. They have kept the price of their wallpapers fairly low & it won’t burn a hole in your pocket either. 

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