Must Have Apps for Micromax Smartphones

Micromax Smartphones have a lot to offer. Been using Micromax Canvas HD A116 for past 2 years & totally love it. Micromax Canvas 2 Colors A120 also seems to be an amazing Smartphone. And since these all have fairly decent hardware configurations, we can play around these phones while getting amazing performance at quite cheap price. I am listing down a few must have Android apps for Micromax Smartphones. All these apps are completely free. I am in no way, affiliated with any of the developers. All these apps have been tested on Micromax Canvas HD A116 Jellybean.

1. Keep by Google.

If you need to take down notes on a regular basis, Keep is a must have. You can save audio clips, text notes & photos here. It also transcribes text in your photos, so that you can have that handy information with you that is there in the photo. You can even sync your notes with your Google account & can access them anywhere from the web version.

2. Spendee by Cleevio.

We always need to track our money, where is it being used, where is it coming from. Things get really messy when there are huge transactions & when need arises, there is no way to track where did that money go. Spendee helps you manage your income & outcome. The interface is quite simple & easy with Holo theme. You can export your data to cloud & can see the charts. It helps you manage your budget by displaying where are you spending your money the most.

3. Feedly by Feedly Team.

If you are a frequent net-surfer for your favorite articles, Feedly is must have app. Just add the blog/site feeds to your Feedly account & stop opening browser to see if there is a new post to your favorite websites. All you need is to open Feedly & it will automatically present you with latest posts/feeds. Great way to read your favorite articles & posts.

4. My Data Manager by Mobidia Technology.

Most of us Indians have a limited data plan. I myself have a very limited postpaid data plan & once I exceed the data limit, they charge heavily for it. So how to manage your data to see how much are you spending & what apps are consuming what amount of data? My Data Manager helps you track all the data activity & decide what must be done to minimize data usage. While Android Jellybean has this feature in-built, My Data Manager is much more powerful in terms of features. Once you have set the bill cycle & data limit, It shows you how much you spent in a given hour/day/week or month. It also shows you how much data is left in your daily budget and all this in an easy to understand manner. You can even see your “per app” data usage. Quite a handy app.

5. Pushbullet.

Already discussed here.

6. SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share by LiveQoS.

We all have transferred data between mobile devices using Bluetooth. While Bluetooth is a popular & omnipresent method to transfer data, its speed is not quite convincing. At-least not that much in version 2.0. SuperBeam is an amazing little piece of software that turbo-charges the data transfer speed between Android devices. If you ever need to transfer huge photos, songs, videos and apps lightening fast, SuperBeam is a must have.

7. Android Device Manager by Google.

Costly Smartphones means more chances of thefts. True fact (myself been a victim). So, ADM is an app that will help you locate your phone using your Google account. Even if your phone is on silent mode, it will make it scream out loud. Even allows you to reset your phone & wipe out all data remotely.

8. Timely Alarm Clock by Bitspin.

Arguably the MOST BEAUTIFUL Android app. And what beautiful gorgeous Alarm sounds. Waking up wont be boring & tiring any more with Timely. Install it & enjoy waking up with positive energy. The interface is stunningly beautiful & fluid.

9. Super Backup by Mobileidea Studio.

Backup all your Contacts, SMS, individual conversation & Apps to your device or cloud (gmail). Such an important app, I cant even imagine my life without it. It helps schedule automatic backup & uploads to gmail. Backing up Apps is useful so that you don’t have to download that from Play Store (if you deal with slow speeds) & also makes sharing apps easy.

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