Preview Android 8 Android O has been released

The google has long announced android nougat, is almost a year and now has started to create a new surprise by launching the android mobile operating system android android O (predicted to be called android Oreo).

Preview android O has been introduced recently. When the launch of Android N google party immediately released to make updates via OTA (Over The Air) and intended for public. When it was a lot of trying to update android N beta version, but the release of Adroid O this time is not as usual, no direct update OTA beta, so not everyone can directly taste the android O. Conversely, developers who have Nexus 5, Nexus 6P , Nexus, Pixel, Pixel XL or PixelC (or i who want to try to use emulator) can manually download and flash on the device. Will be tested with the developer first, then later Google will open registration to try Android O Beta.
Preview Android 8 Android O has been released
Preview Android

Good buddy Here are some of the preferred points in Android O developers:

Background limits:

This point is very important considering the average android is very wasteful battery because there are applications that run in the background, especially in terms of data services and location updates. On the android O will be maximized to minimize background applications running and is expected to add battery performance more durable


With Android O, we will be able to manage notifications of every application eg our messaging apps own settings settings mesering our own settings and so on. Visually on the notifications there are changes, the new visuals for the same notification grouping will make it easier to see what happens (because each application will be different) eg when to receive messages or just see notifications on menubar.

Autofill APIs:

you can choose the “Autofill” app just like how you choose the default keyboard. The manager password will be able to work with Autofill settings (username and password that you enter into the application without switching to the password manager). As in windows when kia will login with various gmail account, the password will be automatic if we have saved it even though the password of each account is different

Adaptive icons:

Icon on android O will be made according to the creativity of the developer, no specific benchmarks, so the developer will likely add animation on the icon android O

Bluetooth audio:

Create music lovers and love with your bluetooth headset will definitely senand with androidi O because on Android O supports high-quality Bluetooth audio codec, including Sony LDAC codec.

Changes to change as above will certainly make us more enthusiastic and enthusiastic to wait for O android release, but we need to realize that developing an OS is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, the developers have tried hard to give the best. At least on the first preview of android O this already shows most of the framework and API changes that allow developers to create a better experience when running applications on Android O.

This preview given gives developers to be able to see early what will happen in Android O so they can start to make their apps compatible with new APIs and design guides.

The new Android O preview is available as an image file and is only available for Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, PixelC and Nexus and again this is still in preview, not yet previewed beta stage so developers already have an idea when it will making the application to be installed on android O. We just wait for the next release is more stable.

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