Send unlimited free SMS through GPRS using Android phone / device

Free SMS India Android app
Reviewing “Free SMS India” Android app to send free messages.

Are you SMS savvy? Do you send text messages day in & day out? Do you spend a lot of money on message packs? Are you an Android user living in India as well? ´╗┐Are you looking for a free Android app to send free & unlimited messages to any Indian number? If your answer is YES, this post is for you.
I use an app called Free SMS India which allows to send unlimited number of messages (SMSs) using your data plan. You need not buy separate message packs & spend money. All you need is to install this lightweight app & choose your default SMS gateway. In my case, its Read on for the review.

Cons :-

  • Interface is a bit dull.
  • Sometimes messages do deliver but the progress-bar shows nothing.
  • Sometimes progress-bar does show that message has been sent but it is not delivered.

Pros : –

  • Very light-weight app weighing around 200-300 KBs.
  • Consumes very little resources. Light on memory as well.
  • Very fast. Sends messages in seconds.
  • Chat feature is available.
  • Group messaging is also possible. Several groups can be created.
  • Can be set as default messaging app, replacing the default one.
  • Updates are ready every week.
  • Developer is quite approachable & hard-working.

Do use it & let me know if it works for you.
P.S. – Its available for users of Indian SIM cards only, so please don’t blame me & the developer if it doesn’t work for users of International SIMs.

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