TeamViewer – Free Android App to remote control your Computer

How exciting can it get to control your computer remotely using your Android device? For me, its one of the best Android experiences! Just imagine how it will be to access your computer when you are not at your home! Uses are limitless. Should your parents or friends need your help with their systems, you can easily access their computer using your phone / tab & provide them the help. Today, I discuss about a free Android app that does it for you. You need 2 apps. One for your Android device & one for your computer that you want to control. Read on for the instructions.
1. Download & install TeamViewer for Android (1.6 & above).
2. Download & install TeamViewer for Computer (could be Windows / Linux or Mac).
3. After installing it on your computer, sign-up to get a Team Viewer ID.
4. Open TeamViewer app on your Android device.
5. Enter that TeamViewer ID in the text box & click Remote Control.
6. You’re done. Access your computer now using your Android phone / tab.
Features of TeamViewer : –
  • Free for personal use. Both the apps are free.
  • Supports Windows / Linux & Mac.
  • Secure connection.
  • Multi-touch gestures including drag-&-drop, zoom.
  • App is lightweight (both desktop & android versions). Installs to SD card.
  • Installation is super easy. Desktop edition is only 3 MBs in size. Installs in seconds.
  • No lags experienced.
Tested on my Samsung Galaxy Ace with Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. Its working like charm. I shall not be responsible for any thing if it doesnt run on your device.

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