Techinque of circuit switching & Message Switching

This techinque is used in most of the wide area network . normally it is used in modem communication over dial up telephone line . in this technique a temporary communication connection is established between sending and reccving nodes on requirement.
Whenever one makes a call using standard telephone network , the caller is  connected  to the dialed number through the connection of a number of switch in between called and receiver phone and usin a transmission channel that can be copper wire fiber link ratio link or a combination of these . circuit switching relates to establishing a physical link between caller and receiver .
Once the call has been established the data is almost transfer in real time .
When the call is over and is terminated the switches and circuit are again available to the other user .as there is always a limt on the availability of switches and circuit .congestion can lead to blocking . buckling occurs when the link between the source and distination can not be made due to the lack of facilities and is indicated by busy signals .
Circuit switching when used with data transfer ensures that equipment at the source and destination must be compatible interms of medems , bit rate protocol.  posted  by –
Messages switching – In message switchin no physical path is established in advance between sender and reciver .in this switching the data is not transfer in real time .it is used a store and forward network. in message switching , switch in the network has message stored capability .when the sender sends a block of data .
it is stored in the first switching office called router and then forward later as a block to the next switching office.
The data is transfer from router to router when it is convenient to do .message switching can multiplex the data from different sources onto a common facility . in comparison to circuit switching , message switching is more  efficient because block is avoided by sorting the data during busy time and then retransmitting it when the rush is over.
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