This is the reason why to use long Tail Keyword

Due to the number of websites and blogs that have sprung up the best way to stay in the Online world is by targeting “Long Tail Keyword”. Why use Long Tail Keywords, one of the reasons is “Competition is light”. If we maximize Long Tail Keyword we can also bring in visitors who are not inferior to “Short Keyword” used by giants in the online world.

Here we have 2 choices in making decisions when it will play the keyword.


We want to use a “short keyword” that the average high competition where we need a little backlink. Let’s say 5000 backlinks to get 5000 – 10000 visitors from our “short keyword”. With the record keyword we are in the position of page one in google search. To get the backlink itself is not easy, coupled with the competition of “Key Key” the average high competition


We use “long tail Keyword” which is low competition average. We need fewer backlinks to get 5000-10000 visitors than using high competition keywords, for example we have 10 backlinks, then with our long tail we need (5000/10) that is 500 keywords. Remember we only have 10 backlinks compared to 5000 backlinks.

From both options we tend to be easier with long tail keywords, even though the keyword we need more, that is 1: 500. How about we have more baclink? would be better.
This is the reason why to use long Tail Keyword
This is the reason why to use long Tail Keyword

In addition there are several reasons why I choose long tail keyword.

1. The more competitors the more we need backlinks. Let’s say we have 100 backlinks, competitors will take a peek and will make 120 backlinks to compete on page one google search. Then we add backlinks, competitors will also add backlinks and so on. In addition, the average niche on blogs and the web has a “short keyword” that the number of few who become seizure of the bloggers. Unlike the long tail keyword that more number.

2. With short keyword we can be evicted from page one at any time in a short time because of the high competition. In contrast to long tail keywords tend to last longer.

3. Agoritma google continues to grow, keywords that are not natural more easily removed from google. Long tail keywords tend to look more natural, so it would be safer according to google algorithm.

4. When using anchor text to build baklink use long tail keywords look more natural and definitely safer (not easily detected by google spam)

5. Long tail keywords are more specific in google search.

That was why we had to wear long tail keywords to be able to compete in the world of blogging.
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