[Trick/Hack] How To Increase Downloading Speed In Android

Increase Downloading Speed In Android: Getting Slow download speed is the problem we are facing sense forever? And we always try to find tricks and various ways to increase download speed android. This is very common issue with every smartphone user. So to help you to increase downloading speed in your android here we are providing you best tips and tricks to Increase Downloading Speed in Android. By following below tips and tricks you will easily be able to boost your Android downloading speed. Nowadays we use our smartphones more than PC for downloading songs, movies, games, etc. because no one wants to sit in front of PC for hours for downloading big size torrents, movies, high-end games and other contents.

Smartphone’s makes our work more easy and faster. Everyone likes to listen music, watch movies, play games on there smartphone but for that first we have to download recently released music, games and movies, so we need super fast downloading speed for it otherwise it takes hours to complete downloading.

[How To Boost Downloading Speed in Android?]

Every smartphone user wants super fast downloading speed in there device. For fast internet speed we use Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G data connection. But still sometimes even on in 3G/4G connections, we get very slow speed and we ain’t able to enjoy our favourite movie just because of slow downloading speed. And we bet that many times you also tried searching on Google about how to increase download speed in android or method to boost download speed, any you haven’t find any satisfactory answers.So here we decided to share our best ways to increase downloading speed on android. After following this guide to boost download speed, you’ll able to download anything with super fast high speed.

There are many reasons which decrease our download speed, so we must have to fix them to boost your downloading speed in Android mobile. Here we are going to sharing all possible methods you can try if you want to increase your download speed. You just have to follow some instructions and have to install some apps on your Android mobile to get faster downloading speed.

[How To Increase Download Speed In Android]

Are you fed up with slow downloading speed in your Android? Do you want to boost download speed in Android? If your answer is yes! then this tutorial is for you. Here we are sharing some of the best tricks to increase downloading speed in Android. You just have to follow below steps to boost your download speed.

[1. Install Advanced Download Manager ADM]

Best Settings For ADM – Android Advanced Download Manager
ADM is the Internet Download Manager of Android devices. It is the best download manager currently available for android devices. Advanced Download Manager’s best feature is that it splits big file into different parts to download it on more faster speeds just like IDM, this is why it is considered one of the top best download manager for android. We have used ADM for downloading many big files and it never disappointed us. It is the best way to get maximum download speed on android, so we recommend ADM to boost download speed on your Android device. To get maximum download speed you have to configure settings in ADM to speed up your downloading speed. Below are the full tutorial to increase down speed using Advanced Download Manager in Android.

1) First of all download and install ADM on your Android from the link below:


Google Play

Advanced Download Manager

2) After install, open ADM. Click on Top Left Button and go to Downloading tab, then configure the settings same as below to get maximum download speed, These are the best Settings For ADM – Android Advanced Download Manager

Number of Downloads:  3

Number of Threads:  9

Speed of download: MAX

Smart download: ON

4) After saving your settings as mentioned above, you can start Downloading your files.

By following this method You will get super fast speed which you never gotten before in your Android. Enjoy!! This is the first and best method to increase download speed in android phone.

[2. Change Your Wi-Fi Password (Increase Wifi Speed In Android)]

If you use Wi-Fi/broadband connection to access internet in your home and if some how your neighbour get the password of your wifi the he might also connected to your Wi-Fi and downloading unlimited porn or illegal stuff, then your download speed will decrease surely. Your wifi speed depends on how many devices are connected with same Wi-Fi, If a lots of devices are connected to the same wifi and browsing or downloading files from the internet at the same time then its speed will also decrease. So if you have Wi-Fi connection at your home and you are getting slow speep the usual and you want to increase its download speed, then protect your Wi-Fi with a really strong password. So that no one can access your Wi-Fi without your permission. After that your will get super fast high speed in your Android.

Don’t know How to set or change Wi-Fi router password?

If don’t know how to chance your wifi router’s username and password then read the following article: How to change Wi-Fi router Password

After following above steps and changing your Wi-Fi router’s username and password, you will feel sudden boost in your browsing speed. So just change your Wi-Fi password and don’t share it with anyone and if someone anyhow got your pass from your family member or anywhere else, just change your password again by following same procedure. Periodically change the password just to make sure that no one gets access to your wifi without your permission.

[3. Increase Carrier Signal Network In Android Using Signal Booster App] ( Fix Low Network Signal Problem On Android)

You can find plenty of Signal Booster apps on the Google Play Store, but most of them are not good and mostly they don’t work as intended and the biggest problem is that they are full of ads. You need a pro app that actually work and increase Network Signal Strength in your Android to boost your downloading speed. You might’ve already tried many app and found that most of them are fake apps. Here we are going to share one of the top best Network Signal Strength booster app for Android and by using it, you can also increase your Wifi/Internet download speed.


WiFi | Mobile Network Speed from Veloxity inc is an android app that can boost your downloading speed in Android phone. It will show you best and strong signals in your area and you’ll be able to connect to them for batter reception and downloading speed.


Google Play

WiFi | Internet Network Speed

By using WiFi | Internet Network Speed app, you’ll able to search available fast WiFi Networks and Mobile Networks nearby and able to connect with them. So it is also one of the pretty clever trick to boost download speed in your Android phone.

[4) Restart Your Android Phone]

When you use your phone continuously for a long time and don’t restart your mobile phone for a longer period, it also affects the overall speed of your device and also your internet connection and your downloading speed got decreased by it. This happens because some modems don’t have much power to access high data and also in your Android there are so many applications running in background also reduce your downloading speed, even when you are not using them the apps continue to use your network bandwidth. So it is advised to restart your Android phone periodically.

[5. Disconnect & Reconnect Your Data Connection] (Android downloading Speed Increase)

When you use your Data connection continuously your download speed decreases automatically. Actually, this happens because your modem and android device both are not able to receive large amount of data continuously, that’s why you have to give some rest to your connection and device too Just disconnect your Data connection after using 2-3GB data continuously and reconnect it, you will get fast speed this time rather than before.

So these were some nifty tricks to increase downloading speed in your Android mobile phone. You can boost your download speed in Android devices by following this tutorial. We hope this work for you and you get batter download speed in your Android phone. “Experience Come’s from Experiments” so try more tricks you can find to more faster downloading speed, If you find any trick which works batter for you, share it in the comments and we will add it to your guide.

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