Using Winamp to Convert Music files.

Only a few people, at least the place where I live, know that Winamp can also convert media files into other music formats! I have not tried this feature on versions older than the ver 5.0 but on the Newer versions eg. ver 5.11. I have been using iTunes to convert my media files to other formats like mp3 & m4a. But when I checked Winamp ver 5.11, I saw options for this task. Well I always knew that Winamp has this feature but I didn’t know how to do this. Accidently I was able to find the method to convert files! I’m sharing this tip with my fellows who don’t know how to change their music files when they fail to find suitable encoders offered by Windows Media Player, Real Player or iTunes. Real Player offers this feature only in Premium Versions. iTunes offers less options & Windows Media Player doesn’t allow you to convert at suitable Bit-rates.

So Why don’t you just use Winamp? Here’s how to do this?
I advise you to download the latest version from it’s website. After installing it run Winamp.

Then either press ctrl+P or click Options->Preferences…

A window will open. On the left side of this window, there will be many categories. Scroll down & second last category will be “Media Library“. Select this by a single click. Then installed Media Library Plugins will be displayed in the right hand side. Select “Nullsoft Format Converter vx.xx“. Click Configure. Then a new window will open. From there select your favourite Format & it’s Bitrate & Music file’s location etc.

You have now Configured the default Music Format. Another direct method is to select your song you want to convert. Right click it & from context menu choose “Convert to:”. Then Click “Format Converter“. Same window will appear from where you have to choose your favourite Format Under segment “Encoding Format“. Below this will be a rectangular box which shows the default Format. Other Formats which can be chosen by clicking the triangular arrow of that box. It will show you the list of various popular Formats like mp3, wma, aac, aacPlus, FLAC etc. Select the one you want. Choose the other settings like minimum & maximum bit-rates or CBR-VBR for that particular Format. Press OK when you are satisfied with your settings. You’ll be informed about the conversion process by a Progress Bar.
You can also select multiple files & follow the same procedure for batch conversion of your music files.

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