Visit to the Google Store, London

Back in March of this year, Google opened a small store within a store (Currys, Tottenham Court Road) in London and yesterday I finally got around to having a look for myself.

It’s only a small area and its quite sparse, there’s little in the way of items for sale other than a handful of Chromebooks and some Google Play gift cards among a few accessories.

The main features are more for a bit of fun and interactivity which I actually really enjoyed.  These include a computerised spray wall where 2 people can use digital spray cans to ‘paint’ the display, a huge google earth wall with a small controller to navigate the globe, a camera which takes 4 shots of you overlayed by a Google template of your choice and emails it to you and finally a interactive mechanical display and the front of the shop.

Check out the photo’s and our ‘creations’ below.

Visit to the Google Store, London | Admin | 4.5