Xiaomi’s Next MIUI Update Will Have New Split Screen and Picture-in-Picture Features

With the Xiaomi’s announcement of upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6, rumors are already been in the air. Xiaomi would be unveiling the Mi 6 on 19 April 2017. But this is not the only exciting announcement they’ve made. Xiaomi is also planning for a big update to its homebrewed version Of Android, MIUI in the near future. The big update would bring two highly-anticipated features Of Android – O to the MIUI ROM’s. Both of these features are focused on multi-tasking and probably is going to be included in the Google’s official Android O release.

MIUI 9 – Split Screen Feature

Google have already introduced Android’s Split Screen feature in Android 7 – Nougat which was first seen on Android 6 – Marshmallow in its beta stage. The Split Screen feature lets you use two different applications on the screen side by side simultaneously. OEMs like LG and Samsung had this feature in their version of Android for quite a while. Google have recently added this feature into the Vanilla(pure) version of Android and still trying to improve it.

And with following others Xiaomi is also going to add the Split Screen Feature in the next big MIUI update which would be MIUI 9. The screenshots shows the Split Screen feature on MIUI looks exactly like the Stock version of Android, So we are assuming that they are likely utilizing the same Google’s Stock Android’s code for this feature.

MIUI 9 – Picture-in-Picture Feature

The second new feature that Xiaomi announced is the new Picture-in-Picture mode. Which is also a Googles own feature which is likely to debut Google’s Next Android Update Android – O. The Picture-in-Picture mode will allow you to shrink an application (like video players) to a small size window and then you’ll be able to drag it around on the screen. If you are an old Android User them you might know this feature by the name of Floating Window (Which was the Paranoid Android’s exclusive Feature), The Picture-in-Picture mode is quite similar to that. Google recently introduced a Picture-in-Picture mode in Android – O version for the Smart Televisions. It is yet not clear that if Xiaomi will use the same code as Google for the Picture-in-Picture mode or a modified version of it.

Xiaomi has not revealed that exactly in which next MIUI update these two features will be included in, but they did mention that it would be a major MIUI update. Although same as the Google’s stock Android, the features will not support all applications and app developers will need to make changes is their applications code and make it compatible with the features in order for the features to work on Stock Android including all other devices running stock or modified versions of Android. The case is same with other OEM’s like Samsung’s – Touchwiz, LG’s – LG UI, HTC’s – Sense UI and so on.

So what you think about the new features Xiaomi about to add in next MIUI update. Do you like the features? What are the best features of MIUI according to you? Any other new features you like Xiaomi to add in MIUI, Let us know in the comments.

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