Yahoo Aviate – A Strikingly Different Launcher For Android.

Beauty with Android is that we can customize the way it looks. While homescreens provide for ease of use but they don’t look that fancy. We can place shortcuts to our favorite apps right there, but after awhile, it tends to look boring. We have a few launchers to change the way our Android devices look, but I never liked them. I stuck to the default themes & homescreens but was really fed of seeing the same boring stuff everyday. One fine day, my friend showed me his newly bought Moto E & I liked the theme instantly. I asked him is it a feature of Android Kitkat? He said no, its a new launcher Aviate. I asked him to send me invite as it was not available for download. And since then, I became a fan of Aviate. It takes time to get used to it but in a day or 2, you’ll start loving it. Yahoo Aviate Launcher is a free app without any ads or in-app purchases & its size is just 5 MB. I am using it on Micromax Canvas HD A116 with Android Jellybean 4.2. It is super smooth on my phone & is light on resources. Below are the features of Aviate that I liked the most.

1. Daily Changing Wallpaper – The best feature. You leave your data on overnight & when you wake up, you’ll find a new wallpaper. If you like it, you can set it on homescreen. You can also add your own photo as well.

2. Music Player Widgets – If you plug your earphones/headphones in, it shows you which music app to launch. It also searches for related songs from that artist & shows related tweets by that artist.

3. Auto-Categorization of Apps – Automatically groups apps based on their nature. So you’ll have a neatly grouped homescreen & you can get to your favorite app quicker. Lists can be edited as well.

4. News & Weather – Pulls news twice daily. In morning & evening. And also shows live weather of the places where you live & work (can be changed in settings).

5. Sleep Tracker – Just before sleeping, tap it & when you wake up, it’ll show you how much you slept.

6. Dynamically Changing Homescreen – Shows you how much traffic is there on the way to work or home. Cards change during night & morning. It also shows what places are nearby such as cafes or restaurants. Any upcoming event is also shown.


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